BT-02 Ultimate Power (Pack)


112 cards total:

  • 44 Commons
  • 30 Uncommons
  • 26 Rares
  • 10 Super Rares
  • 2 Secret Rares
  • Additionally, 12 of these cards have alternate artwork “Parallel” prints in the set itself, while 5 more are available as box toppers
  • Each booster pack contains 6 cards + 1 index card
  • Every pack contains 4 Commons, 1 Uncommon, and 1 Rare or higher card
  • Features support for Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and the newly-introduced Purple and Black. Purple Digimon can destroy the Digimon that destroyed them with the keyword <> and use effects to play cards from the Trash, while Black Digimon can Activate during the opponent’s turn with the keyword <>, and devolve the opponent’s Digimon with <>. This set also introduces token cards, which are not placed in a deck but can be placed through card effects from an out-of-game area.

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