Battle Spirit BS55:Saga Volume 4 – All Over (Box Of 16 Packs)


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BS55, entitled Rebirth Saga Volume 4 – All Over (バトスピ転醒編 第4章:天地万象オールオーバー Tensei-hen Dai-yon-shō: Ōru Ōbā?, lit. Everything on Heaven and Earth), is the fifty-fifth set of the trading card game, introducing new support for Heroes era cards. It was released in Japan on January 30th, 2021, and includes Spirit, Nexus and Magic cards in all six colors.

It contains a total of 109 cards: 45 Commons, 15 Rares, 12 Master Rares, 9 X-Rares, 3 XX-Rares, 12 Rebirth Rares and 4 Rebirth X-Rares + 9 Campaign Cards.

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