MTG: UNIVERSES BEYOND: WARHAMMER 40K – Regular Commander Deck*4 (1920010)


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Deck 1:The Ruinous Powers

The Ruinous powers was the first one that had its commander previewed. From it, one can safely assume that this deck will try to deal a lot of damage to the opponents. The deck also looks like it’ll offer a nice balance between aggression, and combo.

All things considered, it looks like a fresh take on the Grixis color combination, which is always welcome. If you’re a fan of this color combo, this deck probably won’t disappoint you.

Deck 2:Tyranid Swarm
The deck doesn’t have the most original theme, as Tyranid Swarm focuses on +1/+1 and other counters. Nevertheless, not every deck needs to do something new. Many players enjoy playing with counters, and if you’re one of them, you’re going to really like this deck.

Deck 3:Forces of the Imperium
Forces of the Imperium looks like an intriguing deck based on the face commander, plus it has perhaps the most exciting secondary commander as well.

Deck 4:Necron Dynasties
This is the only one of the Warhammer 40,000 Commander decks, that doesn’t have three colors. Instead, this one features a mono Black commander.


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