PS5 Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (R3)


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Estimated Release Date:20/10/23


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An evolution of the Spider-Man story – The incredible power of the symbiote forces Peter and Miles to face the ultimate test of strength, both inside and outside the mask, as they balance their lives, friendships and their duty to protect those in need

  • Experience two playable Spider-Men – Quickly swap between both Spider-Men as you explore an expanded Marvel’s New York
  • Battle iconic Marvel Super Villains – Fight against a variety of new and iconic villains, including an original take on the monstrous Venom, the ruthless Kraven the Hunter, the volatile Lizard and many more!
  • Visit an expanded Marvel’s New York – Explore a larger Marvel’s New York than ever before, featuring two new boroughs – Brooklyn and Queens – as well as locations like Coney Island and more


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