SS08: Clan Selection Plus Vol.02 (Box Of 12 Packs)


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  • ・12 clans will be included.
    Popular illustrations from Vanguard ZERO such as “Pure Heart Jewel Knight, Ashlei” return as a card!
    Also, featuring many popular nostalgic units like “Dauntless Drive Dragon”!
    ・Many new units will be included too!
    From Nubatama, we have the grade 3 “Evil Stealth Dragon Tasogare, Hanzo”!
    First Akatsuki, then Tasogare… Make full use of its highly adaptable abilities!
    ・All “new” and “reissue” cards will be included in RRR treatment. 3 new cards for each clan, and a total of 39 new card types will be included!!
    Also, powerful support units such as “Flourishing Knight, Edith”, and the draw trigger sentinels from the 12 clans will be included!!


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