Vanguard SS01 Festival Collection 2021 (English Box Of 10 Packs)


15/05/2021 (Japan) Instock Now
25/06/2021 (English)

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  • Includes 55 cards (55 RRR) + 30 Parallels (30 SP).
    • Each nation receives 6 SP cards as frameless.
  • Includes 10 new cards and 45 reprints.
  • Includes support for the Dragon EmpireDark StatesBrandt GateKeter Sanctuary and Stoicheia nations.
  • Includes 9 reprints from the Start Decks, both ride deck cards and trigger units.
  • Each pack includes 3 cards, in which there is one new card and two reprints.
  • Each display includes 10 packs, and in which there is a guaranteed card from each nation.


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