PS4 Mighty No.9 (R3)


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Androids and other robots of the worldhasbeen crashed by a computer virus, and only one is not infected so he must save his race and defeat the villains – he isMighty No.9!Mighty No. 9is a classic Japanese side-scrolling action game helmed by Mega Man producer Keiji Inafune that brings back a classic formula transformed with modern tech, fresh mechanics, and fan input into something fresh and amazing!

Take the role of Beck, the 9th android in the line of Mighty Robots, and the only one who’s not infected by the mysterious virus that turns other robots to be frenzied. Run, jump, and shoot projectiles at enemies to acquire both weapons and abilities from foes that they defeat. Beck’s body has the ability to transform into different shapes, depending to the specific Mighty Number robot that he defeats. The game features an intro level followed by the eight main stages, which are freely chosen in any order by the player. Beck must face one of the other eight “Mighty Number” in a boss battle at the end of each stage. At the end of the game, a final set of stages are unlocked leading up to the Final Showdown. “Mighty Skills” lets players grant new abilities and ways to buckle down the levels.


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